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2016 Schedule of Appointments


DATE                TIME                    VENUE                    LOCATION


JAN. 17                        7:00PM                    SHADY GROVE FWB            WHITESBURG, TN

                                        FEB. 7                       11:00AM                THOMAS VILLAGE BAPTIST            DUFFIELD,   

                                        FEB. 28                     11:00AM            1ST FREEWILL BAPTIST             MOUNTAIN CITY, TN

                                        FEB. 28                      6:00PM    GOOD SHEPHERD BAPTIST, NEW BEASON WELL RD. KINGSPORT, TN.


                                        MARCH 13                10:45AM             OAKLAND AVE. BAPTIST            JOHNSON CITY, TN

                                        MARCH 13                    6:00PM        WESTVIEW PRIMITIVE BAPTIST     KINGSPORT, TN

                                        MARCH 31                    7:00PM     WSDC (DUCK CREEK RADIOTHON)    SNEEDVILLE, TN


                                        MAY 15                        11:00AM    ADMANT BAPTIST CHURCH (STONE CREEK AREA)  PENNINGTON GAP, VA

                                        MAY 15                            6:00PM    SALLEY'S CHAPEL                        WEBER CITY, VA

                                        MAY 22                        11:00AM     WATAUGA VALLEY BAPTIST             ELIZABETHTOWN, TN.

                                        MAY 22                            6:00PM    SHILOH BAPTIST           BENHAMS RD.  BRISTOL, VA


                                        JULY 1                            7:00PM        HOMINY VALLEY (with PRIMITIVE QT.)   CANDLER, NC

                                                          JULY 31                                2:00PM          STONEY POINT BAPTIST                            ALBANY, KY


                                                              AUG. 19                            7:00PM    SIMPLE FAITH ANNUAL SING, LEICESTER ELE. SCHOOL, LEICESTER, NC





                                       SEPT. 11                  10:00AM  CANCELED     MAYNARD REUNION,  WAYNE CO. W VA

                                        SEPT. 25                  10:00AM        DUCK CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH                SNEEDVILLE, TN

                                        SEPT. 25                    7:00PM        HOLTS BAPTIST                    CHEROKEE DR.     MORRISTOWN, TN


                                                            OCT. 1                    12:30PM            AMICALOLA ELECTRIC ANNUAL MEET                JASPER, GA

                                         OCT. 2                     11:00AM           MT. OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH                    CHATSWORTH, GA

                                         OCT. 2                        6:00PM          MINERAL SPRINGS BAPTIST    212 TN.330,  OLIVER SPRINGS, TN

                                        OCT. 16                    2:00PM            HOMINY VALLEY (with PRIMITIVE QT.)            CANDLER, NC


                                        DEC. 4                    10:30AM            BIG DOOR / BLACKWATER LICK                       BLACKWATER, VA

                                        DEC.  4                      6:00PM            FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH                JONESVILLE, VA
















2015 Schedule of Appointments


Date                                              Time                                                        Venue                                    Location       

                Jan. 18                                 7:00PM                                         Shady Grove FWB                    Whitesburg, TN

                Feb. 1                                    5:00PM                  Bible Baptist (Hilton St.-Rock Springs Rd.) Kingsport, TN

                March 15                            10:30AM              Grosses Creek Baptist, 307 Grosses Creek Rd. Chilhowie, VA

                March 15                               6:00PM        West View Primitive Baptist, Riverside Ave.     Kingsport, TN

                March 19                                7:00PM            WSDC Radio (Duck Creek) Radiothon        Sneedville, TN

                March 21                                7:00PM                 Robbinsville High School                      Robbinsville, NC


                April 12                                   10:00AM            Cedar Ridge Baptist Church                Big Stone Gap, VA

                April 12                                       6:00PM        Pyles Memorial Baptist Church                 Pound,  VA


                May 16                                    6:00PM        Jettie Baker Center (Sponsored by Crooked Road)       Clintwood, VA

                May 19                                  7:00PM            Thomas Village Baptist Church                      Duffield, VA

                May 31                                   10:00AM      Watauga Valley FW Baptist        Stoney Creek, Elizabethton, TN

                May 31                                    6:00PM           Salley's Chapel                                Weber City, Virginia



                June 29                                7:00PM         Hominy Valley Singing Grounds            Candler, NC


                July 26                                1:30PM            Stoney Point Baptist                            Albany, KY


                       Sept. 19                                3:00 PM        Larry Bishop Annual Sing            Mt. Carmel, TN

                Sept. 26                               6:00PM             Mt. Olivet Baptist                        Chatsworth, GA

                Sept. 27                                10:00AM        Ball Play Baptist                  Ball Play Rd, Old Fort, TN

                Sept. 27                                7:00PM            Holts Baptist                        (Cherokee Dr,) Morristown, TN



                      Oct. 2                                    6:00PM        Carter - Trent Funeral Home                Church Hill, TN

                Oct. 18                                2:00PM        Hominy Valley Singing Grounds                    Candler, NC


                        Dec. 6                                10:30AM        Big Door / Blackwater Lick                      Blackwater, VA

                Dec. 6                                  6:00PM        Trinity Baptist        (Exit 7)                        Bristol, VA

                 Dec. 12                                7:00PM        Smokies Condo Lodge (With Primitive Qt.)     Pigeon Forge, TN







To Be Continued...........

 Please Stay Tuned for Future Updates


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